Icarus I. 2006. 26x34x25cm. helmet, feathers.

Icarus II. 2006. 24x34x26cm helmet, feathers

Icarus III. 2007. 38x30x32cm helmet, feathers, lace.

Alien. 2008. 40 x 150 x 150cm. vacuum cleaner, polyester, feathers

Alien - close up. 2008. 40x150x150cm

Three Helmets. 2005. folded tetra pak

Helmet I. 2005. 48x32x22cm folded tetra pak

Helmet II. 2005. 39x24x22cm folded tetra pak

Helmet III. 2005. 31x28x22cm folded tetra pak

Green Man. 2004. 90x153cm acrylic, wood, beads, perspex.

A Leopard Never Changes its Spots 2004. 180x200cm. metal,material

The Magnificent Seven. 2004. 84x110 - 45x51cm. fruit boxes

The Mechanix Hand. 2004. 100x54cm. acrylic, chocolate cases