My drawings and sculptures are a development of the stories I tell myself, of fantastic plants and insects and of the worlds they inhabit. My starting point is to dissect the insect or plant in front of me and from there I connect with them and reconstruct an alternative reality. I feel a connection to early botanists, as my drawings are an ongoing process to try to understand what I see by collecting, dissecting, recording and categorizing. The potato is the subject of my recent drawings, although now being seen as plain; this vegetable fed the industrial and agricultural revolutions whilst also taking the blame for the spread of sexual immorality and leprosy.

I have worked with a wide range of media but now focuses mainly on watercolour on paper. I love this medium for its unforgiving nature. It has a life of its own, once a mark is made it can’t be removed, the only option is to incorporate it. Connected in an abstract way to the natural world, both are evolving and unpredictable.